Situated on floor 8 of Siam Square One, the Theatre contains 1,069 seats; 698 for stall (the same level as stage), 355 for circle (the raised platform) and 16 for 2 VIP Box seats, 8 for each. The Theatre suits for many kinds of performance and event such as stage play, talk show, concert, seminar, meeting and conference, press conference, product-launch event, etc.

The system equipped in The Theatre is modern with 35-bar flying system and overhead crane supporting loading in and out by container. Moreover, the Theater has perfect acoustics with the public address (PA) system specially and efficiently engineered to serve for all types of performance and event.

The Theater is not only the design of exquisiteness and alignment of the art of architecture but also a venue fully equipped with modern technology supporting lighting and sound system, and special effects. The Theater is, therefore, perfect for all kinds of performance and event, emotionally associating participants with the spectaculars visualized.